The internet makes hypochondriacs of us all. Just a minor headache, back pain or any other minor symptom makes us suspicious of a severe disease. We read the symptoms online, and all the illnesses it can relate to, and we become terrified of the prospect. It would be easier to simply put our minds at ease and visit a general practitioner. If your symptoms truly are early indicators of a severe illness, or if you are just feeling suspicious of your health because of what your family members have suffered from in the past, a visit to the GP can put your mind at ease. In the worst case scenario it will also catch any possible illnesses early.

General practitioners don’t treat you as merely patients, but as people

They don’t tend to look only at tests or individual organs to find out what might be wrong with you, but they look at the whole person. Many illnesses have psychosomatic reasons. You may be feeling stressed lately or you might not be getting enough exercise. Perhaps you are eating in an unhealthy way, which is what’s causing your symptoms of fatigue, muscular pain etc. A good general practitioner takes a holistic approach, treating patients by taking into consideration biological and psychological factors, as well as the social environment. They will put your mind at ease and get you back in real shape without making you feel like a patient.

Get the best out of your GP Visit

When you go to your GP, be sure to follow some tips in order to have the best results. If you are having your blood pressure checked, don’t take caffeine, and that includes coffee, tea, colas or other drinks that may contain it. Caffeinated drinks will push up your blood pressure, and mess with the real test results. Tell your doctor all your symptoms and don’t lie to them. It will take your doctor much longer to diagnose you and he or she may give you a wrong diagnosis. You might not remember your symptoms, so to put your mind at ease one step further, just keep a diary and write them down.

What you shouldn’t do

Don’t just take one unrelated test to a clinic without a doctor’s appointment. You may think that your blood test results, for instance, were good, but you will still feel uneasy as  you were unable to answer the questions as to why you have been feeling drowsy lately. Don’t go online to symptom checkers or WebMDs. Every case is different and you will only be terrified about what your symptoms might mean, or even come up with new imaginary symptoms and diseases you never had. Don’t just go to the pharmacy to get non-prescribed medication to treat your symptoms. You need to actually get to the core of the problem and start living a healthier life.

By visiting a GP you will be able to actually find out the reason for your symptoms, you will stop creating a thousand scenarios of severe illnesses that raise your stress levels even more and get a real diagnosis and prognosis. Moreover, you will be able to develop a real set of guidelines for how to be healthier.