You should never be ashamed to ask your partner about their sexual health or for them to get a STI test done. Yes, it can be and tends to be a very complicated conversation, but it would not be wise to simply ignore the subject because it’s difficult to discuss.

It is, in fact, an extremely delicate topic for most, if not all couples, and may even result in arguments that result in hurt feelings or even broken relationships. Due to this, you will have to be wise when asking your partner about their sexual health as it could easily be mistaken as an accusation of cheating.

This can all be avoided with clear communication; ensure that your intentions for wanting your partner to get tested are clear and to make it less confusing, suggest that you both get tested together. This way it will be clear that you are only catering for the sexual safety for both you and your partner. Today we will be exploring a few more tips like this to make asking your partner a tad easier.

When should you ask?

It is recommended that you ask your partner as soon as you realise that your relationship is getting more serious and, of course, before you have started engaging in sexual activities. It would be easier for you to suggest it sooner rather than later, as if you wait until after you have already started having sexual encounters there will, more than likely, be complications in explaining to your partner that you are simply looking out for your best interest.

Share your Sexual History with Each Other

Sharing your sexual past with your partner will make them feel more comfortable about sharing their past with you and letting you know of any sexual infections they may have had in the past. This way when you suggest that you both get tested together, there will be fewer complications as you will both understand that you have been with other people in the past and it is important to ensure that you both remain STI free.

Try to get tested before you suggest that your Partner goes with you.

Before you suggest that your partner gets tested or that you get tested together, ensure that you go get yourself tested first. This will show your partner that you do in fact care about your own sexual health as much as you say you do and you will be certain, beforehand, that you are STI free. Knowing this will boost your confidence level while suggesting it to your partner.

When to Get Tested?

As soon as possible. It is vital that you try to get tested early on in a relationship, as it can take up to six months for certain STI symptoms to appear (this includes HIV). It is thus important to take into consideration that,  if your partner has been sexually active within that six month period, then the test may not be fully accurate. This does not necessarily mean you must abstain from sex for the whole six months, but be sure that if you engage in sexual activities that you are well protected.