Young Person’s Vaccinations

Making sure that your new baby is properly vaccinated is one of parents’ most important responsibilities. For busy people who live and/or work here in London, the private, walk-in health clinic services that we provide here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall can be the best and most convenient way of fulfilling that obligation.

Our Young Person Vaccination service includes the following vaccines.

The new Meningitis B vaccination          

The Meningitis B vaccination is a new addition to the list of infections that young babies can be vaccinated against. This strain of Meningitis is currently the most common here in the UK. A vaccination against Meningitis C has been available for many years, but a successful vaccine for the “B” strain has proved much more elusive – until more recently that is.

The new Meningitis B vaccine has proved to be somewhat expensive however, and the NHS has not therefore instigated a national campaign. However, using a private clinic like Broadgate Clinic London Wall means that you can now protect your baby against this more common strain of the disease, albeit at your own expense.

Meningitis B is not just a disease that babies contract. It can also target teenagers, particularly in busy, closed environments like university.


Meningitis W and the ACWY vaccine 

In recent years there has been a steady rise in the number of Meningitis W cases being reported here in the UK. It is now therefore recommended that the meningitis ACWY vaccination should be administered to young adults in the age group 14 to 18. This vaccine can also be administered to babies, offering them fuller protection than just the “C” protection they now get from the NHS.       

Once again, if you live and/or work here in London, and you would like to have your teenager or baby vaccinated against Meningitis ACYW, you can just pop into the walk-in clinic here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall, without appointment, at a time of your best convenience.

The single Measles vaccination

Although professionally Broadgate Clinic London Wall recommends the combined MMR vaccination, we do also respect the rights of parents to choose the single Measles vaccination instead it is therefore available via our private walk-in clinic here at London Wall.

Unfortunately single jabs for Mumps and Rubella are not currently available, so if you are concerned regarding your baby not being given full protection, you are welcome to pop in for a consultation to discuss the pros and cons of the combined MMR vaccination with one of our fully experienced clinicians.

Tailored vaccination programs

There is unfortunately a lot of confusing information around in the media about the benefits and risks, not just of the MMR vaccine, but all vaccinations, including vaccine additives like Mercury.

Broadgate’s Walkin Clinic London services await your convenience