Cervical Screening in London

Broadgate GP offer convenient cervical screening in London. This is available to people who commute to or live in or around the London area. As one of our essential health screening services for women, it’s important to have cervical smear test carried out. Cervical screening in London is available to women aged between 25 and 64 years old. Women between these age ranges should have cervical smear screening carried out:

  • Once every three years when aged between 25 to 49
  • Once every five years when aged between 50 to 64


We understand the importance of private cervical smear tests and if you’d like to arrange an appointment, then simply get in touch. One of our friendly team will be happy to arrange a cervical screening appointment for you.

Private Cervical Screening Test

Some women might want to have cervical screening carried out before the age of 25 or have screening carried out more regularly and that’s one of the reasons we offer private appointments. Visit the cervical screening clinic at Broadgate GP by appointment or via our walk-in service and we’ll be happy to carried out a cervical smear test for you. As a private GP, we are able to offer immediate cervical tests for London’s female residents and workers. No matter what day or time you might require one, we are always happy to work around you.

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How does cervical screening benefit you?

The screening is carried out with a view to detecting any abnormal cell growth in the cervix. When left untreated these cells could develop into cervical cancer. As a London cervical screening clinic, Broadgate GP is able to offer a comprehensive service.

We not only screen you for danger signs, but we can also provide you with advice on anything that might be discovered as part of the cervical cancer screening. If abnormal cells are detected at a high level during the cervical smear then we are also able to offer treatment.

Cervical smear screening is important for all women to have carried out. Many women have questions about cervical screening and that’s why we have created a guide on cervical screens. Feel free to have a read or get in touch with Broadgate GP if you have any more questions.

How common are abnormal cervical smear test results?

For every 100 women that have cervical screening carried out about six will display an abnormal result. It’s very rare for women to be diagnosed with cancer from a cervical screening test. Less than 1 in 1000 smear tests show a result of invasive cancer. It’s important to remember that screening is designed to detect abnormal cells in the cervix not cancer.

Why should I have cervical smear screening carried out?

  • Cervical screening saves around 5000 lives a year
  • It’s not a test to find cancer it’s designed to detect abnormal cells
  • Between 90-94% of all results come back normal
  • Most abnormal results can be treated easily
  • Screening is still one of the best protections against cervical cancer
  • Can be offered privately if you’re under the age of 15

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London Cervical Screening Clinic With A Walk-In Service

The London cervical screening services we offer here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall have an excellent reputation for our privacy and confidentiality. As one of the top private clinic in London, we able to offer both appointments and a walk-in service.

We aim to provide same day cervical cancer screening in London. Get in touch with us today for an appointment or visit Broadgate GP directly at a time that suits you.