Travel Vaccine

Travelling Abroad? You May Need a Measles Vaccine

If you’re thinking about travelling abroad, you may need a measles vaccine. Many adults who have not had a measles vaccine are at greater risk of catching the disease and passing it onto others, but whilst abroad and at home. As you may know Measles is a highly contagious, serious and sometimes even fatal disease...
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Travel Health Check

Travel Health Checklist and Top Tips

Holidays are all about enjoying yourself, however if you fall ill abroad then you might as well right off the rest of your holiday. To ensure you and your family have a memorable holiday for the right reasons, make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations and treatments needed for the country you’ll be travelling...
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Travel Clinic

Planning ahead where to get London travel vaccines

If you need to get London travel vaccines, it’s advisable to plan well-ahead. It’s not because you will have to wait to get an appointment – at least not if you use the travel clinic at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. We operate a walk-in service for traveller’s maximum convenience. Allowing time for London travel...
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Travel Vaccines

The London travel vaccines clinic to advise which countries you need vaccinations for

Do you live and/or work in London? Are you planning on foreign travel in the near future? If you can answer yes to both questions you’ll need to find a good London travel vaccines clinic. A top travel clinic, like Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall, will be able to tell you the travel vaccinations you...
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Affordable Travel Doctor

Affordable travel doctor in London

Are you looking for an affordable travel doctor in London? With all of the daily hurly-burly of life in London, you may decide you need to locate a private travel doctor in London. The problem is finding an affordable travel doctor in London in the private sector. Finding an affordable travel doctor in London is...
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Basic First Aid Kit

Basic car first aid kit

Having a basic car first aid kit in their cars should be something that all drivers here in the UK should aspire to. A good basic kit can be used to deal with any simple injuries that drivers and/or passengers may sustain in road traffic accidents or other incidents that may arise. You can put...
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Holidaying Abroad

What to do if you are ill when on holiday abroad

Knowing what to do if you are ill when on holiday abroad is essential. It’s something that you need to think about before you travel, and once you’ve done your research, you need to consider putting medical health insurance in place, and getting an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). If you are ill on holiday and...
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Protection Against Zika

Protection against Zika virus infection

Protection against Zika will one-day be a worldwide problem. Following reports of Zika virus infection in Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Health Organisation has stated that it believes that Zika virus carrying mosquitoes (Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus) will one day reach all counties in the western hemisphere apart from Chile and Canada,...
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Your holiday medical bag and what it should contain

What to pack in your holiday medical bag is a question that many families are considering as the holiday season approaches. You don’t want to go over the top and be burdened with useless medications, but by the same token, you need to be well prepared. The basics for your holiday medical bag The list...
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Heart Monitor

Precautions to take when encountering animals aboard

Precautions to take when encountering animals aboard Although they might look nice and cuddly, animals can represent a risk when travelling abroad. Dogs are probably the most widely known fear, due to the fact that Rabies, although banished here in the UK, it is still present in many foreign countries. The deadly danger of Rabies...
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Travel Clinic London

Prevention of Traveller’s Diarrhoea

How To Avoid Traveller’s Diarrhoea Traveller’s diarrhoea is described as being the passing of 3 or more loose or watery stools within a 24 hour period. It is often accompanied by: Abdominal cramps The need to go to the toilet urgently Feelings of nausea and/or bouts of vomiting May also include a fever. Mild cases...
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How to Prevent Travellers’ Diarrhoea

Travellers’ Diarrhoea Prevention Travellers’ diarrhoea is always unwelcome and can prove stressful. It involves the development of unformed (liquid) bowel movements which are often accompanied by an urgency to go to the toilet. Sufferers may also experience abdominal cramps, bloated stomach, feelings of malaise and nausea, running a temperature and vomiting. Travellers to developing countries...
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