Pregnancy Test

My Pregnancy Test is Positive, What Next?

What To Do When Your Test Is Positive If you have taken a pregnancy test and it’s came back with 2 lines, ‘pregnant’ or a smiley face, this means that you’re positive and are most likely to be pregnant. Don’t worry, it’s common to feel panicked, especially with first time pregnancies. If like a lot...
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Signs That You’re Exhausted

Signs That You’re Exhausted

If you’re feeling run down and have forgotten what it feels like not to feel tired each day, then it’s likely that you’re suffering with exhaustion. Whether you find yourself yawning by 2pm or your favourite part of the day is going to bed, we have discovered 6 signs to indicate if you’re exhausted or...
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Tiredness: How It Can Affect You

Tiredness can result due to many issues, the most common one which is the failure to get enough sleep. Most of us face much tiredness often, as we tend to overweigh the importance of our work to the number of hours we should sleep. You will, therefore, find that most people tend to sleep for...
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Travel Vaccine

Travelling Abroad? You May Need a Measles Vaccine

If you’re thinking about travelling abroad, you may need a measles vaccine. Many adults who have not had a measles vaccine are at greater risk of catching the disease and passing it onto others, but whilst abroad and at home. As you may know Measles is a highly contagious, serious and sometimes even fatal disease...
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Private Medical Care

Why Choose A Private GP?

Going Private Choosing a private GP allows you to access health treatments for a number of medical conditions, providing you can pay for the service you receive. Private health services cover a number of things such as doctor appointments, physiotherapy and psychological services. Things to Consider Before committing yourself to private healthcare services there are...
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Occupational Health

Occupational Health – Your Questions Answered

What Is Occupational Heath? Occupational health is a specialist healthcare service that takes into account the effects that certain types of work might have on your health. The occupation assessment will consider an individuals’ health, ability and fitness to carry out a specific job or role. These assessments aren’t used to discriminate they’re put in...
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Is Health Screening Beneficial?

The Importance of Health Screens Having screening of your overall health carried out is important as it can help to identify any issues that might be affecting your health or any potential health concerns that might arise in the future. Having a screen of your health carried out involves a number of different tests, assessments...
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Health Screening

The best private clinic for London health screening

Health screening is an important part of maintaining your health in top condition. It is also an invaluable tool in terms of disease avoidance and diagnosis. If you live and/or work here in London you can undergo London health screening at the walk-in screening service we offer at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. London health...
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Sports Medicals

Where to get London sports medicals

If you are going to be participating in an upcoming sporting event you may require a medical. You could be wondering where to get London sports medicals. If so, please read on. The growing need for London sports medicals In this day and age, more and more event’s organisers are insisting on some sort of...
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Human Liver

Do you need Hepatitis C tests in London?

Hepatitis C is a virus that initially affects the liver. The answer to the question of do you need Hepatitis C tests in London, depends one of two thing only. Do you suspect you might have Hepatitis C, or are you showing typical symptoms? Why Hepatitis C is such a dangerous infection Hepatitis C does...
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Health Symptoms

Symptoms you must always get checked out

According to medical professionals, there are certain symptoms you must always get checked out by a doctor. They are: A persistent cough that carries on for more then 3-weeks Any changes you experience in your urinary or bowel movements Persistent headaches Blurred vision If you ignore any of the above symptoms, you could delay the...
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Online Doctor Services

Online doctor services – a good idea or not?

Online doctor services and so called “net-doctors have become all the rage in recent months, but are they a good idea? Their increasing popularity springs from the fact that it now takes so long to get an NHS GP appointment. Currently, according to an article on the website, published in June 2016, the average waiting time...
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