Private Breast Screening London

Here at Broadgate GP, we offer private breast screening to women throughout London. Whether you live or work in London, you’ll be able to access same day breast screening via an appointment or our walk-in clinic. All women between the ages of 50 and 70 are invited and encouraged to have breast screening, also known as a mammogram, carried our every 3 years. If you’re concerned that you might have a problem with your breasts, then it’s important you head to Broadgate GP, regardless of what age you are.

The Breast Screening Process

The private breast screening we offer at Broadgate GP is designed to be both fast and affordable. With both walk-in breast screening and appointments available, it’s never been easier to ensure that you’re in full health. Having a breast screen test carried out involves having an x-ray.

Mammograms will be carried out by a fully trained doctor, to ensure we provide the best possible healthcare to our patients. During the breast screening you will be asked to undress down to the waist. Both breasts will be x-rayed individually and each breast will be places on the bed of the x-ray machine to ensure a clear result.

The breast will then be firmly compresses by clear plates and x-rays will be taken from several angles to get the best overall picture of your breasts. The breast screening will take approximately 15 minutes and the majority of women will only feel slight discomfort during the compression process. It’s important for the breast to remain still during the screening to ensure a clear mammogram result.

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The Importance of Detecting Breast Cancer Early

With women between the ages of 50 and 70 being at high risk of breast cancer, it’s important to have breast cancer screening carried out regularly to ensure a clear result.

Having private breast screening carried out in London, will help to ensure quicker results. We offer a friendly and supportive breast screening service and if you’re results do come back as positive for breast cancer, then our team will work with you to discuss the next treatment options.

Early detection means you are less likely to need a mastectomy ensuring the best overall prognosis.

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Contact Broadgate GP for Breast Screening in London

When it comes to breast screening in London, be sure to visit our walk-in clinic or book an appointment by getting in touch with Broadgate GP. Our private breast screening service means you can be results much quicker and have screening carried out at a more suitable time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Screening

If you think your might have an increased risk of breast cancer because of a family history with either female or male cancer, then you might be able to have breast screening carried out early. Genetic testing can help to show if you have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Private breast screens in London, can be carried out for women of any age.

Breast screens are offered as research has shown it can help to identify breast cancer early. The early any problems are discovered the quicker the recovery will be. Detecting problems with your breasts at an early stage will also reduce the likelihood of needing chemotherapy or a mastectomy.

Breast screening involves your breasts being x-rayed one at a time from a number of angles. This is so a clear image of your whole breast can be created. Your x-rayed will then be checked over and you’ll receive the results of your breast screening as soon as they are available.

If you’ve discovered a lump in your breast then it’s imperative that you book an appointment or visit Broadgate GP as soon as possible. We offer a same day breast screening service with fast results to women throughout London.

If you’re wanting to arrange private breast screening in London, then all you need to do is give Broadgate GP a call to arrange an appointment. If you’re available immediately and don’t want to wait for an appointment then you can visit our walk-in breast screening clinic.