Health Screening

Health screening is an important part of maintaining your health in top condition. It is also an invaluable tool in terms of disease avoidance and diagnosis. If you live and/or work here in London you can undergo London health screening at the walk-in screening service we offer at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

London health screening is normally broken down into two categories; essential and specific diagnostic. Essential health screening is something that we recommend all people should take part in. This applies of course not only to people who live and/or work in London, but people all over the UK.

Essential London health screening

The essential London health screening option that we offer at Broadgate GP London Wall is preventative health screening. It can indicate whether or not you might have a particular condition. It can also guide you with regard to your lifestyle options. This screening takes approximately one hour and covers the following:

  • Filling out a questionnaire and discussing your medical history with one of our doctors
  • Undergoing a full physical examination which includes a rectal examination for patients over 45 years of age
  • Making a note of your weight, your height and calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Undergoing a vision test
  • Taking a peak flow breath test to measure healthy lung function
  • Being given an ECG

The process of undergoing a central London health screening will build up a picture of your current health. Having evaluated your state of health and your lifestyle options, this type of screening can help you to stay healthy.

Specific diagnostic health screening

You may be concerned that you have an illness or you are feeling under par. You may not be sure why. Specific, diagnostic health screening can help. By clicking here you will be taken through to another page on our website. Here you will find some of the many screens we offer under our London health screening service.

From a professional medical point of view, London health screening is an invaluable aid. It plays an essential role in pinpointing the causes of various conditions and illnesses.

Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall is highly regarded

The private clinic we operate here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall enjoys a top reputation. This reputation covers our medical prowess, our customer service, and our discretion and confidentiality.

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