Be Careful About Your Off-line Life!

We all like to have fun in our relationships, but it is important to remember to protect yourself. We are often reminded to stay safe online, but is vital to stay safe in the real world too – especially when it comes to your sexual health.

If you need advice about your sexual health, you can find it at Broadgate General Practice’s trusted and reliable clinic. We offer a discreet and confidential service, so you can be sure that everything you discuss with us will always remain behind closed doors.

If you have a matter that you are concerned about and would like advice in a hurry, then our sensitive and professional practitioners can provide same-day and immediate appointments. Being able to see someone right away allows you to voice your concerns or get something checked out as soon as possible and put your mind at rest.

Prices start at just £30 and we always provide a fast turnaround on results so you can discover the outcomes of any tests or investigations as soon as possible.

The doctors at our STD clinic have years of experience working in sexual health and can identify your symptoms and start treating them right away.

If a partner or ex-partner has informed you that they have an STI, then we will offer STD tests as well as providing support while you await the results. On the other hand, you may wish to have your sexual health investigated because you are beginning a new sexual relationship or just wish to have a check up and if that is the case, we can offer you comprehensive and reliable tests.

If you do find out that your have an STI, we will give you excellent advice, support and treatment for your symptoms.

We can test you for an extensive range of conditions – from the more common Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes and thrush to the less common hepatitis B and C.

Left untreated, many STIs can cause further complications or fertility problems, so it is important to have your sexual health checked out by trusted professionals. There is no need to be embarrassed because our GPs are sensitive and impartial and have your best interests at heart.

If you would like more information about sexual health, please visit Broadgate GP or call 020 7638 4330 today.