How Bad is The Underground for Your Health?

London Underground Health Risks

One of the biggest issues Londoners has to face on a daily basis is The Underground. This is due to the poor air pollution. For those who travel and commute using a tube on a daily or frequent basis, it could have a lasting toll on your health. Before we run into ways to improve your health on the tube, our doctors would like to publicise the risks and issues that are concerning for us relating to The Underground. One of the main issues The Underground brings is the pollution. Starting with breathing it in through to the high levels of toxic air, it can have lasting effects on your health. So, to help combat the London Underground health risks, please take the time to read through our professional advice and information.

With up to 5 million passenger journeys each day, it’s not uncommon for colds and germs to spread. If you’re one of those passengers, be sure to understand the risks of The Underground and how to prepare for your commute each time. With the advice from Broadgate GP, we hope that we can offer professional information to help reduce the health risks related to using The Underground. Let’s find out more…

How Bad is The Underground for Your Health?

Bad Health Effects for Tube Commuters

From breathing in bad air to catching colds, there are many bad health effects for tube commuters. No matter if the tube is part of your daily commute to work or something you use for travel and attractions, we want to help you to weigh up the realistics of using the tube. With many bad health effects for tube commuters, it’s important that you understand the risks that come with using The Underground. It’s no secret in saying that with the warm airs of The Underground leading to the risk of bad smells and odours, it isn’t a pleasant experience. So, be considerate of others and use body sprays before entering the tube, then hope that others do too!

London Underground Pollution

As a growing issue for many, the London Underground pollution is a raising factor for commuters. With news regarding the air pollution levels and the effects it can bring, this is something you should take into consideration should you be a regularly passenger on the tube.

Ways to Improve Your Health on the Tube

Our doctors and health professionals at Broadgate GP have come up with some ways to improve your health on the tube. From improving your personal experience to avoiding catching any unwanted germs, our advice is here to use at your own doing. That said, here’s some handy tips on how to improve your health on The Underground:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use hand gel or sanitiser
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it – always carry tissues
  • Appreciate fresh air – go on walks where possible
  • Take your coat off – it gets warm down there!

To Tube or Not To Tube?

In our professional opinion, we would advise against using the tube. However, we appreciate the convenience that is associated with the tube and how much time it can cut on your commute. Our answer for those who have no option but to use the tube is simple. Make sure you have water with you each time you travel, use hand gel or sanitiser and take off any additional layers. Things like going for long walks will also help you, as it will give your lungs a breath of fresh air (literally!).

For more information on how you can improve your health on the tube, please don’t hesitate to contact our private GP clinic in London today. We will be happy to help in anyway possible, giving you full reassurance in all our service.