Avoiding embarrassment at the doctors is something that many people are concerned about. This is especially true if you suspect that you may have been infected with an STI.

If you are thinking about having a sexual health check in London, and embarrassment is on your mind, you should choose Broadgate GP private clinic London Wall to get checked out.

The many establishments for a sexual health check in London

There are a good number of GUM (genitourinary medicine) and STI clinics in London. Many people prefer to use one of these clinics to have a sexual health check in London, rather than seeing their GP.

Some people know their GPs quite well as they visit them often over the course of a few years. This familiarity can lead to embarrassment in many people’s minds.

Of course any GP should exercise discretion and test and treat you (if necessary) in total confidence. But the familiarity issue still surfaces for many. This is can be made even worse if the GP is of the opposite gender.

Going to a GUM or STI clinic for a sexual health check in London gives some people a feeling of greater anonymity. It has the advantage of being tested by someone you don’t know. For many this is somewhat reassuring.

One problem that many STI victims face however, is the very nature of a GUM/STI clinic. Many people use them for contraception advice and to get contraceptive devices, However, they are still predominantly used for STI testing.

It means that you may feel exposed and “tainted” by visiting one of these establishments. There is also always the chance that someone you know may be there at the same time. Another worry is that you might be seen entering or leaving.

How choosing a private clinic helps with avoiding embarrassment at the doctors

If you are sensitive about avoiding embarrassment at the doctors, seeing a private GP may relieve any embarrassment. Whether it’s in regard to an STI, or any other personal health matter, a private consultation or sexual health check in London may make you feel easier. There are several reason why this may be so.

  • You can choose the gender of the doctor you see
  • Private clinics are renowned for their discretion and confidentiality
  • The staff are all highly trained professionals used to dealing with sensitive issues
  • Other members of the public do not know why you are there
  • If you are seen coming or going, it is not suspicious

Bearing all of these things in mind, seeing a private GP could help you with avoiding embarrassment at the doctors.

A doctor will not be embarrassed – why should you be?

Whether you go to your own GP or a private one, the only way of avoiding embarrassment is to be completely open and honest. Remember that the doctor you see is a medical professional. He/she will certainly not be embarrassed so why should you? Don’t forget they have seen it all before.

By the way, its not just seeing the doctor that can cause embarrassment. For some, embarrassment is almost a way of life.

Get your sexual health check London at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

Once you’ve made-up your mind to get a sexual health check in London it’s good to get it over and done with as soon as possible. This is where the walk-in services we provide here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall score highly. If however you prefer to call ahead and make an appointment, the number to call is 020 7638 4330.