Asking About STIs

Asking your partner to have an STI check in London (or anywhere here in the UK) will be a tricky conversation. It’s a discussion that can easily lead to embarrassment, hurt feelings, and even anger. However, with STIs on the increase, it’s a discussion that needs to happen.

Unless tackled carefully your partner could get hold of the wrong end of the stick. He/she may take offence. However, handled with care and tact, asking you partner to have an STI check in London can be taken in the right context and benefit you both.

How to tackle asking your partner to have an STI check in London correctly

It needs to be tackled from the aspect of looking out for the health and well-being for both partners. If both of you get tested together, this can often smooth the way.

In any new relationship the best time to talk about being tested for STIs is prior to engaging in any sexual activity. Be open and honest with your new partner. Don’t be afraid to share each other’s sexual history.

If you have had an STI in the past, tell your new partner. This will engender trust. It  is also a great way of explaining why you’re asking your partner to have an STI check in London. Just stress again though, it will be better if you are both tested.

Another useful ploy, to help you gain your partners cooperation is to offer to get yourself tested first. This demonstrates that far from being suspicious, you have your partner’s health and well-being at heart. This is especially important if you have been previously infected with an STI.

Why you should only have protected sex for the first 6-months

Don’t forget that some STIs (HIV for example) can take up to 6-months for symptoms to appear or for testing to be conclusive. This means that when asking your partner to have an STI check in London, discuss having only protected sex for the 6-months leading up to the tests.

Use Broadgate private clinic for your sexual health check in London

When you’re both ready to have a sexual health check in London, one of the best facilities in the City is Broadgate private clinic London Wall. You can take advantage of our walk-in service.  Alternatively, you can phone ahead and book an appointment. Call 020 7638 4330. Total discretion and confidentiality is assured.