Sometimes when planning an exotic trip, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the excitement that you forget one of the most important aspects – staying safe and healthy. Yes, okay – it may sound boring; but it’s better safe than sorry. There’s nothing more likely to ruin your holiday than having to cut it short because you end up sick.

Any good travel agent will advise you on what vaccinations are recommended – and even required before you can enter certain countries, and will provide a list of these to take to your doctor.

But if you’re booking online or through another means, then the responsibility falls back on you to be informed. Travel vaccinations are necessary for protecting you and your family against some potentially deadly diseases.

Before you decide to travel anywhere that is known for things, such as malaria, yellow fever or other illnesses, you should speak to your doctor for advice on their travel vaccinations procedure. All doctors will be happy to advise you on the best way to go about this and the minimum and maximum timeframes for receiving the vaccinations.

Infectious diseases are on the rise, and the majority of those are found abroad. The risk of infection to you and your family is much higher if you don’t get vaccinated before you travel; but you are also at risk of infecting others when you arrive back in the UK.

Make sure your holiday is not destroyed by something that could be so easily preventable through a simple travel vaccination.

Visit a Broadgate GP Travel Clinic

Visit one of our travel clinics for an immediate consultation. We provide an individual assessment based on your itinerary and then we can provide you with the vaccinations you need. We can also provide patients with malaria advice and anti-malaria tablets.