Painful STDs

Worried about the question of are STD tests painful? If you are, you needn’t be. Unless you have a specific phobia to injections, STD tests London or elsewhere here in the UK are simple, quick, and in the vast majority of cases, quite painless.

Some STD tests require no more than a urine, saliva, or genital swab test. Urine test and saliva tests are not at all painful. Genital swab tests do not ordinarily hurt, although some people may feel a degree of mild discomfort or embarrassment.

Male swab tests from inside the penis

The majority of tests carried out on male patients are blood and/or saliva tests. On a few occasions it may be necessary for a swab to be taken from the urethra inside of the penis.

A cotton wool or gauze swab is gently pushed about ¾ of an inch into the penis and turned. This may cause s a small degree of pain or discomfort. It should be emphasised however that the discomfort is nowhere near as painful as rumours sometimes suggest.

Female swab tests from the entrance of the cervix

Some STD tests that women take may require a swab sample to be taken from the entrance of the cervix. Generally this does not cause any pain. Some women may feel a light degree of discomfort.

Are STD tests painful? – In the main they are not

So, the answer to the question of, are STD tests painful, the answer is that in the main, they are not. Any degree of pain that may be felt by swab testing is usually accepted as being quite minor – more of a discomfort.

Minimising embarrassment

To avoid embarrassment, at the walk-in sexual health clinic  at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall, choose a female or male doctor.

Why people choose Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall for STD tests London

If you are in need of STD tests London, there are many testing facilities to choose from, including sexual health and GUM clinics. Many people however prefer to go to a good private health clinic like Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

As a private general health clinic, rather than a designated sexual health/GUM clinic, people often feel there is less of a stigma attached. Top private clinics like ours are of course also renowned for complete discretion and confidentiality.