Whether you are in a long-term relationship or a single person with a casual partner, contraception can protect you from sexual diseases and help to prevent you becoming pregnant.

While many forms of contraception are available in the UK, some people choose not to use it because they are unsure of what to use and where to get it or they feel embarrassed to discuss it with their partner.

If you have any concerns about contraception, then you should find the answers in our list of commonly asked questions below.

What type of contraception can I use?

The contraceptive pill and condom are the most popular types of contraception, but the pill will not protect you against sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are the easiest to buy and use and they are 98% effective if they are used correctly.

Other types include the contraceptive injection and contraceptive implant – again these will not protect against STIs, but some long-term couples favour these options if they are both sure the other has a clean bill of sexual health. Intrauterine systems, intrauterine devices, vaginal rings and sterilisation are also available.

Where can I get hold of contraception?

You can buy condoms from a pharmacy or ask your family planning clinic or doctor for some. If you wish to use the contraceptive pill, injection or another form of contraception, then you can visit a doctor for advice on choosing the right one for you.

Can I use contraception after protected sex?

If you have had unprotected sex within the last 72 hours, then you can take the morning after pill. This can not retrospectively protect you against STIs, but it can greatly lower your chances of becoming pregnant. Emergency contraception is most effective if it is taken within 12 hours, but it can be taken for up to three days after sex.

Where can I seek advice about contraception?

Broadgate General Practice’s sexual health clinic offers sensitive and impartial advice on all types of contraception. Our friendly staff will help you to decide which type of contraception is right for you as well as providing it for you.

For more information about contraception, go to or call 020 7683 4330 today.