In most cases it is our daily habits that cause tiredness and fatigue. We must take care of our bodies and ensure that we maintain a healthy diet. The pressure we place on our digestive system is a cause for concern and a key factor that leads to tiredness. Sleep is important to the body, and resting is tantamount to good health. Lack of exercise is one of the key causes of fatigue, and engaging in a sturdy fitness regimen is an important factor in overcoming feelings of lethargy and tiredness.

Make sure that a medical problem is not sapping away your energy and causing you to feel tired. A common cause of fatigue is anaemia, so it is always sensible to check-in with your medical practitioner to rule out this factor.

Unhealthy Diet

We need to be aware of the amount of sugar and caffeine we consume in our current diet. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and activates stress hormones in our bodies. Our bodies immediately engage the flight and fight mode that would normally be activated when we sense danger. If there is no danger, but we are engaged in regular office work, the tendency to feel agitated will increase. Once the caffeine and stress response dissolves we feel tired. Beware of excess sugar, as it is one of the main causes of fatigue. One can of soda contains between eight and nine teaspoons of sugar and this excess can be harmful to your health.

Lack of Sleep

If you generally feel tired and lethargic, check to see if you are getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep could sap your energy levels, so make sure you don’t drink caffeine at night. If you go to bed late and wake up early, you only obtain a few hours sleep. If this is a consistent pattern, you may begin to suffer from tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of mental alertness and fatigue. If you experience difficulty sleeping you may have insomnia and medical attention could become necessary to ensure that you obtain at least six to eight hours sleep per day.

Lack of Exercise

Many people believe that exercise leads to tiredness, however, this is untrue. Exercise releases endorphins in the body that creates feelings of happiness. Forty minutes of exercise, four days per week, is a remedy for overcoming tiredness and fatigue. Make sure to end your workout three hours before bedtime to give you enough time to settle down. Exercise fights fatigue and senior citizens can overcome this by participating in twenty minutes of low or moderate aerobic exercise three days per week. Researchers indicate this exercise regimen leads to increased energy levels and less fatigue.


Anaemia occurs when the body lacks sufficient red blood cells. If your blood count is low then you are probably feeling very tired and lack energy. A simple blood test will reveal an iron deficiency, and iron supplements will surely help to overcome anaemia. A diet rich in iron and meats characterised by leafy greens will take your blood count level up to an acceptable standard. With the right supplements and proper diet, fatigue and tiredness should no longer be an issue.

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