Benefits Of An In-House Pharmacy

When you have a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult finding time to visit the doctor in the first place, never mind making the trek to the pharmacist to pick up your prescription afterwards. If time is precious to you, then you will love the benefits that an in-house pharmacy offers.

Broadgate General Practice provides an on-site pharmacy so our patients can conveniently pick up their prescriptions as they leave. This is ideal for anyone who has to rush back to work or has somewhere to go after their doctor’s appointment and it saves you having to take the time to go elsewhere.

An in-house pharmacy also eliminates the risk of you telling yourself you will “pick up your prescription later” and then never getting round to doing it at all. When our doctors give you a prescription it’s because you need this treatment to help your recovery so the in-house pharmacy gives us the peace of mind that we have made it easy for you to access the medication you need.

Of course, if you are so ill that you feel weak, then the in-house pharmacy will make life easier for you too. Once your appointment is over, you can simply pick up your prescription and make your way home.

Repeat prescriptions are also available at the in-house pharmacy. As well as making life easier, this also allows you to access consistent care and reliable advice here at the practice. You also have the reassurance that your pharmacist can easily communicate with your own doctor about your healthcare should the need ever arise.

If you require a doctor’s appointment and like the sound of our in-house pharmacy, then you will be pleased to learn that our City of London practice is very conveniently located. We are just a short walk from Liverpool Street and Bank stations and many popular bus routes run nearby too.

For more information about Broadgate General Practice’s in-house pharmacy and GP services or to book an appointment, call 020 7638 4330 now.