With day light hours reaching a depressing minimum everyone gets a touch of the winter blues every now and again. It is perfectly normal to feel miserable when the weather feels relentlessly grey and drizzly. But here are five innovative suggestions to help you avoid the winter blues. 

Plan a holiday for January

January is statistically the most depressing month of the year with funds at an all time low after the excesses of Christmas. It is also a time of miserable weather in the UK and few unmissable social dates. But it is the perfect time to jet off to sunnier climbs and get some much needed vitamin D. If you have a holiday to look forward to you will find the winter blues barely affecting you as you will have a bright star on your horizon helping to get you through those long dark nights.

Make Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to resolutions we all like to be ambitious and imagine how we might change our life for the better. But unrealistic resolutions that we are bound to fail will only deepen any depression. Choose one positive New Year’s resolution that adds something to your life rather than forcing you to give something up. You are then less likely to fail to keep it and your life will be enriched by the addition you choose. 

Take an Evening Course

When the nights are long it is the perfect time to take an evening class and learn a new skill such as making stained glass or fulfilling an ambition such as learning a second language. In summer when the nights are lighter for longer you will be less likely to want to sit in a classroom all evening, but dark winter nights are the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill that will be mentally stimulating and deeply rewarding.  

Do Something for Others

An alternative to evening classes is to sign up to a volunteering programme. Charities are increasingly realising that many people wish to help others but cannot during normal working hours. It might be going to a care home to read to the elderly or it might be helping at a homeless shelter by making beds or cooking food. There is nothing quite like doing something for other people to distract you from your own woes. You may learn a lot about yourself or even find a new career path or opportunities present themselves.

Many people’s problems arise from thinking about themselves, almost compulsively. By putting ourselves in other people’s worlds you may find the comparison of their situation to yours will make you more grateful for where you are in life.

Start an Exercise Class

Improving your physical health will have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Rather than trying to take up an outdoor sport such as running, which requires good weather to be enjoyable, why not choose an indoor sport such as yoga classes, badminton or swimming? This will give you some crucial time alone to switch off and exert yourself. Your sleep will be improved and stress levels will drop.

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