10 Ways to Avoid Health Havoc on Holiday

It’s that time of year where many holiday-goers are packing for their relaxing breaks abroad. Nothing is worse than planning a fun-packed holiday away from the stresses back home, to then come across a multitude of problems, especially when concerning your health. So, to make it a holiday to remember, full of only good memories, follow these tips and you will be guaranteed a stress-free, happy holiday.

1. Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance is so important, though studies show that there is still 25% of holiday-goers who are still travelling without it. When it comes to holidays abroad in Europe, closer to home, many people don’t consider the option of insurance because in the UK we have the European Health Insurance Card. Although it is free to get and can help with a few health-related issues, it does not cover everything. With health problems happening at any time and under any circumstances, it is better to be prepared for when worse comes to worse, you become unwell or get injured.

2. Scan Important Documents

Before setting off, it would be beneficial for you to scan your important documents, so that you always have your documents on hand. You can also save them onto a cloud system, such as Google Drive or iCloud and you therefore will have the documents whenever you need them.

3. Always Have Sunscreen on You

Sunscreen is an essential when you are going away to a hot country. Always have one to hand – and make sure you use it! Many people, when arriving at their destinations, drop their luggage in the hotel and head straight out with excitement. Using sunscreen especially on the first day is important, when your skin is not used to the amount of sun it can cause it to burn which will make the next few days of your holiday, pain ridden.

It is also important to remember that protecting your skin from any permanent damage should always be a priority over a temporary tan.

4. Visit Your GP

Who better to give you advice on preparing for your holiday than your local GP. At Broadgate GP, we have dealt with a range of people who have needed advice on any medication that needs to be taken with you to prevent any illness when away. Your doctor can advise you on the necessary travel vaccinations, prescribe antimalarials and provide general advice for keeping in good health while away.

5. Watch What You Eat

We can understand that some of you may want to try everything and anything when it comes to food abroad. Though, it is important to consider the food that you get before you eat it. With diarrhea affecting 30% – 70% of people on holiday every year, most of this is caused from drinking the water from other countries. It is important to take care when consuming water or having food or drink that uses the water as it can cause illnesses.

6. Be Prepared for Theft

A lot of destinations have a reputation for crime, especially towards tourists and so it is important to take precautions and do your research.

7. Download Apps

There are many different apps that can help you when on your travels, whether it be for security or recommendations for places to eat or to do activities. There are also apps that you can use to help you when it comes to translating and so can help you when it comes to your health and safety.

8. Check You Medication

With different rules and regulations in different countries, it is important to check that any medication that you bring meets the law. If they are prescribed to you and it is necessary for you to take them, while you are on holiday. Then you will need to get a letter from your doctor or even apply for a license to carry them. Always check with the embassy of the country that you are visiting, to make sure that you don’t get in trouble with the law.

9. Bed Bugs Aren’t the Only Ones Who Bite

Biting insects in other countries are one of the main spreaders of illnesses and diseases. Make sure you always pack a high-strength insect repellent and take care of any of your exposed skin.

10. Seatbelts!

Wherever you go seatbelts are never something that you should forget. Motor accidents are one of the highest causes of deaths of holiday-goers and with the higher rates of traffic in countries abroad, it is important to keep as safe as possible.