Enjoying good heart health is a fundamental part of being able to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, because of the modern world we live in, our work, our lifestyles, and the levels of stress that many of us have to cope with, are just not conducive to maintaining good heart health. That is why we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall have come up with our 10 commandments for achieving optimum heart health.

Commandment number 1 – Thou shall exercise regularly

You don’t have to do anything intense when it comes down to physical exercise, but you do need to get into a regular exercise regime. One of the worst things for heart health is living a sedentary lifestyle. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to join a gym. Just 30 minutes light exercise per day is fine. That exercise can be by way of walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. All these are aerobic type exercises that are great for cardiovascular health. They’ll also raise you metabolic rate if done regularly, which is great for helping you to manage your weight too. As far as we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall are concerned, regular physical is our number one commandment.

Commandment number 2 – Honour your daily salt intake

Having too much salt in your food causes your blood pressure to rise. This will increase the chances of developing heart disease.

You need to be careful when adding salt to your cooking. Many people not only do this (in small quantities it can bring out the flavour in some foods) but then add salt again once the food has been plated. Be especially careful of the salt content in processed foods. Read the labels. As a guideline, you should not consume more than a total of 6 grams of salt per day.  

Commandment number 3 – Thou shall not smoke

Third on the Broadgate Clinic London Wall list of commandments is smoking, or rather not smoking. If you are already a smoker, the single most important thing you can do as far as your heart is concerned, is to quit. The fact is that smokers are nearly twice as likely to suffer a heart attack, as people who have never smoked in their lives. Not only will you drastically improve your heart’s health if you pack-up smoking, but you’ll also improve the health of your lungs, and reduce the risk of developing cancer  

Commandment number 4 – Do not abuse alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is bad news. It will give you hypertension, increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream, and will mean you consume considerably more calories than you may think. Broadgate Walkin Clinic London Wall has treated many private patients who suffer from alcohol abuse. It’s not only ruinous for heart health, its disastrous for liver health too.

Man should not drink more then 3 to 4 units of alcohol per day. Women should drink more than 2 to 3. You can check out what constitutes a unit of alcohol by clicking on this link to Alcohol Concerns unit calculator.

1 glass of red wine per day can have certain health benefits according to some, but the best thing to do (if you can) is to have a zero tolerance attitude toward alcohol

Commandment number 5 – Obesity is the devil incarnate

Modern lifestyles, including fast foods, make it all too easy to put weight on. Here in the UK we are in the middle of an obesity crisis, and it is injurious to health. It not only promotes hypertension, but it can also make you more susceptible to developing diabetes. Obesity is one of the prime causes of cardiovascular disease. To combat this you need to eat a well balanced healthy diet, and have a regular, daily physical exercise regime.  

Commandment number 6 – Honour fresh fruit in your diet

Fresh fruit is chock-a-bloc full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. If you like a touch of sweetness, adding fruit to thinks like cereal and salads is a great way of satisfying your craving. As well as being loaded with wonderful natural goodness, fruit is also a great source of antioxidants, which will help to keep your heart feeling young and, as well as other body organs including your skin.

Broadgate Walkin Clinic London Wall is a great believer in “5 a day.” Almost all fruit and vegetables can be included in your 5 a day diet. It’s easier than you think.

Commandment number 7 – Thou shall not eat junk food

Junk food is the worst kind of fast and processed food that there is. It’s stuffed full of high salt levels, high levels of carbohydrate, and dangerous levels of fat, including saturated fat. If you must snack, then you should chose health foods to snack on such a fruits, nuts and seeds. Vegetable crudités make for a great little snack too.

Commandment number 8 – Worship sleep

Sleep is about more than just resting. It’s also about topping up the body’s energy reserves, sorting out and filing new memories while you sleep, and going into repair mode. Ensuring you get sufficient quality sleep will lower your levels of stress, and prepare you for the new day head. Although most people aim for about 8 hours sleep per night, the recommended level is 9.5 hours per adult.

Commandment number 9 – Honour a well balanced healthy diet

Broadgate Clinic London Wall put eating a well balanced health diet at number 9, although it has to be said that our 10 commandments are not listed in priority; they should all be adopted in your religious health program.

Avoiding junk food, keeping processed foods down to a minimum, minimizing your salt intake, and treating alcohol with respect, are all part and parcel of constructing a healthy well balanced diet. Men should be looking consume 2500 calories per day, and women, 2000. Less if you want to lose weight of course. Make sure that your daily diet includes plenty of fresh fruit and veg, with a good smattering of seeds and nuts.

Commandment number 10 – Banish stress

Avoiding stress is the last commandment on the Broadgate Walkin Clinic London Wall list. Stress causes more damage than many people think. It leads to high blood pressure, indulging in bad eating and drinking habits, creates moodiness and depression, and destroys sleep patterns too.

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