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Private Travel Clinic in London

Here at Broadgate GP, we operate a private travel clinic in London. Our travel clinic offers a number of services including health checks, advice and vaccinations. Whether your simply going on your first holiday abroad or if you’re travelling to a particular country, then it’s important to seek medical advice. Contact Broadagte GP to arrange an appointment.

Our trained travel doctor can provide you with all the necessary information and medication needed to travel to countries around the world. The service we offer is designed to help reduce the risk of you falling ill; meaning you can enjoy your holiday or business trip.

Travel Vaccination Services

We offer vaccination for a number of countries including:

With all medication and vaccinations available onsite at our London travel clinic, you’ll be able to access the services you need on the same day as your initial appointment. Where ever you’re travelling to our travel advice and competitive rates will ensure you’re protected from the moment you board the plane to the moment you arrive home.

When you’re travelling abroad be sure to book an appointment with Broadgate GP or alternatively visit our walk-in travel clinic in London. We offer a range of travel service covering everything from medication to advice and so much more.

Travel Clinic London

Thing to Remember When Travelling Abroad

  • Have vaccines in the appropriate time frame – Some vaccines can be taken 1 day before you travel whereas others might need to be taken months before travelling, this is something our travel doctor can advise on
  • Vaccines for travelling – You must be in good health when having them and we’ll advise on the necessary vaccines that you might require
  • Travel documentation – You will be given new documentation for traveling and if you’ve recently travelled abroad please bring your old documentation and it will help us to understand what vaccines are required
  • Remember your travel advice – Make notes or take a leaflet and remember the travel advice your given regarding diseases that can’t be prevented
  • Return check-ups – If you’ve recently been abroad make sure you pop into the travel clinic for a return check-up to ensure you’re in good health

Travel Medication

Travel Clinic Services

As one of the leading travel clinics in London, we offer a comprehensive range of travel clinic services. All of the travel related services we provide are carried out by a professional and experienced travel doctor to ensure you’re provided with the best overall healthcare.

We offer a number of travel clinic services including:

  • Expert Advice
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Consultations
  • Prevention Medication
  • Return Check-Ups

London Travel Vaccination Clinic

As a London travel vaccination clinic, we are able to offer travel vaccinations for a number of different countries. We cover a number of destinations including places such as South Africa, Thailand and many more. Book your initial travel consultation with Broadgate GP and we’ll provide you with advice on what vaccines you need and when they need to be administered.

London Travel Vaccine Clinic

Health Related Travel Advice

We understand that there are certain counties in the world that have infections and diseases that can’t be treated against. This is why we offer expert advice on preventing things such as malaria. In some cases, we’ll offer prevention medication, this won’t make you immune but it will considerably reduce the chance of contraction. Combining our expert advice with our competitive treatment rates will help to ensure you remain in good health whilst on holiday or a business trip.

Broadgate GP – One of The Leading Travel Clinics in London

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading private travel clinics in London we are usually the first port of call for many people in the city. Offering everything from travel advice to medications, we have all your needs covered. Here are a few reasons to choose Broadgate GP:

  • Certified Yellow Fever Centre
  • Information on Worldwide Health Risks
  • Same Day Vaccinations
  • Business & Corporate Services
  • International Vaccine Certificates & Booklets
  • Free Travel Consultations with Purchase of Vaccines

To arrange an appointment at our London travel clinic simply give us a call on 020 7638 4330. Alternatively visit our clinic as a walk-in patient and receive the same great same day service.

Private Travel Clinic London

Contact Broadgate GP for Travel Advice and Vaccines

London Travel Clinic FAQs

What vaccines will I need to travel abroad?

This will all depend on the country you’re travelling to and any previous vaccinations or boosters you may have had. Our travel doctor will guide you through the treatment you’ll need and they will offer health related travel advice for the country you’re travelling to.

Do I need to book an appointment at the travel clinic?

No, although you’re more than welcome to book at appointment at our clinic. We offer a walk-in service for patients in and around the London area.

Will I suffer any side effects?

As will all medication there is chance that you could suffer side effects. These should only be temporary and will typically be minor side effects. The travel doctor who administers or distributes the medication will guide you through the potential side effects. Should any side effect last longer or get worse, please seek immediate medical advice.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring all and any immunisation records that you might have. Also bring any information regarding your travel destination that you’ve been given by your holiday provider.

What if I feel ill when I get back from holiday?

At Broadgate GP, we always recommend having a travel health check-up on return to the country to ensure you’re in good health. If you’ve been ill abroad or find yourself falling ill on your return to the country then it’s important to see your travel doctor as soon as possible.

Call Broadgate GP to book a private GP appointment.

020 7638 4330

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