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Private GP London

For exceptional private GP services walk in healthcare services, visit Broadgate GP London WallCall us on 020 7638 4330 and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

Broadgate GP is a modern, private Poly-Clinic in the heart of the city of London offering the convenience and choice of same day appointments or walk-in services with one of our private doctors. Your GP consultation is discrete and completely confidential. Registration for new patients is fast and simple and happens when you come in for your first consultation. We offer:


Our team of professional, fully qualified, experienced GPs and medical professionals offer confidential and discrete private GP consultations, health screening services and treatments, at your convenience, without prior appointment. Contact us to arrange an appointment or experience walk in healthcare at its very best, here in the heart of London City.

Private GP London

Private GP Consultation in London

A standard GP consultation with a private GP is more affordable than ever. We endeavour to see you on the same day of your call. You can also walk in at your convenience and we will slot you in to see any of the available doctors at the next available time slot.

To ensure that your problem is satisfactorily resolved, we do not charge for follow up consultations, that relate to the original condition and are seen within 48 hours of the original consultation. As one of the leading private GPs in London, we’ll ensure you’re seen on the same day.

Benefits of Seeing A Private GP

  • Discrete and 100% confidential treatments
  • Diagnosed and treated faster than standard GP clinics
  • Access to a range of same day private GP services in London
  • Ability to walk-in or book an appointment
  • Referral service to other medical professionals
  • In-house pharmacy and prescription service
  • See a doctor at a time that suits you

Private GP Services London

In addition to the comprehensive range of private GP services that we offer, we also operate a:

  • Sexual health clinic – Offering discrete and confidential screening and treatment
  • Travel clinic – Up to the minute travel advice and a full vaccination service. Expert travel advice from our premier doctor. Broadgate GP is a registered Yellow Fever vaccination centre and we specialise in corporate travel and MALARIA advice.
  • Health Screening early detection and prevention of disease

These are just a few of the most popular private gp services that we offer, no matter what your health concern might be please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer discrete and private consultations that can ensure your diagnosed and treated quickly.

In-House Prescription Service

Repeat prescriptions are available, in certain cases without consultation, to existing Broagate GP patients. New patients will require a consultation first, which will be charged at the relevant rate. With our in-house pharmacy service it’s never been easier to access the medication you need.

Private GP Consultation in London

Private GP Clinic London

Our highly qualified team of private GPs here at Broadgate GP London City are available for consultations with regard to general health, sexual health, travel advice and much more. In addition to offering the full range of travel vaccines, we can also provide you with any immunisation certification that you may require too.

Health Screening services

The screening services we provide (GP and sexual health) here at our private GP clinic in London, utilise state of the art equipment and technology to diagnose illnesses and conditions at the earliest opportunity, allowing treatment to be administered punctually, minimising disease damage and facilitating the opportunity for a full recovery and return to full health.

Well-man and Well-woman clinics

The stresses and strains of working in the city take their toll. To help you to remain fit and healthy in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, Broadgate GP London also offer:

Psychological support

Our private GP clinic here at Broadgate also caters for people who need psychological support, in terms of both individuals and employers who wish to provide this support for their staff. We offer assessments, counselling, group workshops, and psychotherapy, relating to conditions such as: anxiety, depression and stress, as well as offering advice on the work/life balance scenario.

Private GP Services London

Specialised women’s healthcare clinics

Due to the body’s biological design, women’s health is subject to a wide variety of health concerns, which our private gp clinic here at Broadgate GP acknowledges by providing a comprehensive range of women health care services which include:

  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Family planning advice, plus pre and post pregnancy consultations
  • Gynaecology & HPV vaccination for young women
  • Gynaecological heath screening
  • Heart health clinic offering, ECG examinations, blood pressure checks and BMI checks
  • Menopause consultations and treatment (HRT and osteoporosis)
  • Ovarian cancer screening services
  • Sexual health (STD/STI) screening
  • Stress management advice

Corporate occupational healthcare services

We perform a range of occupational health assessments at the Broadgate GP. Whether you need an HSE DIVING medical, a DVLA, TAXI, MINICAB or HGV medical or an OFSHORE OIL and GAS medical, call us now to arrange an appointment.

Any business’s most important asset is its workforce. Broadgate Private GP London provides occupational healthcare services in order to help business’s to protect this most important of commodities, benefiting both the individual employee, and the employed in London.

Contact Broadgate GP for a Private Doctor in London

Today’s modern work and lifestyle make heavy demands on our health, especially in busy metropolitan environments like London city. Today, modern men and women (and their employers too) need exceptional medical clinics to ensure they stay in peak of physical health.

As a private GP in central London we are able to offer both same day appointments and a walk-in service. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer or to arrange an appointment.

Private GP London

Book an appointment with a private GP in London today!

London Private GP – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private GP?

A private GP is just like any other doctor. We believe what makes Broadgate GP different is our high standard of service. It’s our aim to ensure you see a GP the same day via appointment or out walk-in service. With quick referrals and an in-house pharmacy we’ll ensure you’re diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

How can I see a private GP?

If you’d like to see a private GP in London, then all you need to do is either visit our walk-in clinic or give us a call to arrange an appointment. We offer a same day service to both our new and returning patients.

Why should I choose Broagate GP?

As one of the leading private GP clinics in London, we ensure the the highest standard of medical care is provided. It’s not just about why choose us it’s about the benefits of seeing a private GP. From comprehensive gp services to seeing a doctor the same day, you’ll be diagnosed and treated quick than you would with any standard healthcare provider.

How much does it cost to see a private GP in London?

The cost of a private GP in London depends on what services you require. We pride ourselves on offering affordable private healthcare. Call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the price it costs for a consultation with Broadgate GP.

I need an appointment with a doctor today what should I do?

Simply turn up at Broadgate GP. The best way to see a doctor on the day you want is to turn up and wait as a walk-in patient. Although we do aim to see all of our patients the same day whether it be by appointment or walk-in.

Do I need to do anything to prep for my appointment with the doctor?

This depends on the reason you’re seeing the doctor. If it’s about an existing condition then be sure to bring any medication or treatment plans you’re currently undergoing. If it’s an injury you’re suffering from then wear loose clothes so the area can be easily assessed. You aren’t required to do any of this but it can help to speed up your diagnosis.

What private GP services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of private GP services to patients in and around London. From consultations to testing for STIs and much more, we have all your needs covered.

Why should I see a private doctor over my own GP?

The best thing about being able to see a private doctor is you can usually see them the same day and at a time that suits you. Private GPs offer discrete and confidential appointments, so you don’t need to worry if you have an embarrassing condition as the information doesn’t need to be shared with your own GP.

Call Broadgate GP to book a private GP appointment.

020 7638 4330

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