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  • Immediate health screens & Consultations

  • Health screen prices start from £30

  • Fast turnaround on all screening results

  • London city Location (Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank and other Locations)

Invest in your future health with a comprehensive Health Screen. Our health screening clinics  in London aim to provide not only general health care, but also focus on promoting and maintaining good health by early detection and prevention of disease.

What is health screening?

Health screening in the UK is a set of tests and examinations that are performed to detect an illness or condition before its symptoms are pronounced. This process involves a number of types of health screening, for example, women and male health screening, or fitness and executive medical check-ups. Our clinic’s health screening services include testing for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Broadgate provides cost effective and comprehensive private health screening in the CITY for you, your family and employees in the form of the Essential Health Screen and a Well Woman Screen. This consists of a doctor's consultation with a full medical and family history, a complete medical examination and the necessary tests to provide a comprehensive, detailed and advanced health assessment.

Essential Health Screen

An Essential Health Screen is one of the most important decisions you can make to better understand your personal health problems and current health status.

The doctors at Broadgate GP will help you identify aspects of your lifestyle that might be putting you at risk, and providing you with guidelines to make the necessary changes to improve your health. Most importantly, health screens could lead to early detection of disease and present you with the opportunity to deal with health problems early on.

The Essential Health Screen (£300) lasts about 1 hour with the full screen completed by the Doctor and it covers the following areas: 

  1. Questionnaire and discussion of medical history

  2. Full physical examination including rectal examination for patients over the age of 45

  3. Weight and height assessment with a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation

  4. Visual acuity assessment

  5. Peak flow test (indicator of lung disease)

  6. Resting ECG

  7. Special investigations:
    a. Blood tests:

    • Cholesterol profile

    • ESR

    • Fasting blood glucose (diabetes)

    • Full blood count

    • Kidney function

    • Liver function

    b. Urine analysis

  8. Full assessment report

Additional tests can be added to the Essential Health Screen should you have specific concerns. These are priced separately and could include the following:

  1. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) for male patients over the age of 45

  2. Mammogram, breast ultrasound or chest X-rays

  3. Cervical Chlamydia swab

  4. Cervical smear

  5. Thyroid function test (TFT)

  6. Laboratory urine investigations

  7. Stool samples for occult blood - recommended for patients over the age of 40

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