Broadgate GP London
Private GP Walk In Clinic in the City of London: (+44) 020 7382 0505
Broadgate GP London
(+44) 020 7382 0505

65 London Wall, London, EC2M 5TU
Broadgate GP is a private medical clinic situated in the heart of the City of London. Same Day Walk In Clinic Services.




GP Services

Broadgate General Practice Offers a Wide Range of Healthcare Services

If you need to see a doctor in London, then Broadgate General Practice can help because we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of healthcare services in the capital.

All of our staff are professional and committed to providing you with the very best standards of care and you can trust us to keep your visits discreet and confidential at all times.

Ideal for busy London workers with heavy demands on their time, and for city residents who need the convenience of being able to get screened, diagnosed, and treated for various conditions and illnesses; or immunized ahead of travelling abroad. All this without the fuss of making an appointment, and without the subsequent long waiting queues that you might have come to experience elsewhere.

Our Wide Range of GP Services

We provide an extensive choice of services, including private GP consultations, blood testing, ECG, prescriptions, flu vaccinations and specialist referrals.

We also have a travel clinic on site, which can provide you with immediate travel vaccinations for diseases such as yellow fever along with up-to-date travel advice that is specific to your itinerary.Our travel clinic services can be called upon to ensure you are correctly immunised and best prepared in terms of your health and safety for travel anywhere in the world. We work in close association with the World Health Organisation to ensure that we are kept fully up to date with disease risk in your country of destination. As well as offering a comprehensive range of vaccines, Broadgate GP London City Clinic also issues vaccination certification, and offers a full travel consultancy service too.

In addition, we offer a walk -in Sexual Health Clinic offering sexual health screening and treatment along with contraception and our staff adopt a very sensitive approach at our STI clinic

Broadgate General Practice also offers a number of Health Screening services, including cervical smears, well man and services well woman medicals. These can indicate any serious conditions you have in their early stages and give you a strong chance of treating something such as cancer, diabetes or high cholesterol and getting back to full health very quickly.

We can also carry out sports medicals and diving medicals if you require them, and we can also help businesses and employees with offshore medicals, sickness reports and pre-employment medicals. If you need medical certificates for a job or to travel abroad, then we can provide these for you too.

The comprehensive range of healthcare services that we provide includes:

  • GP services and consultations
  • Travel clinic
  • Travel vaccination certification
  • Sexual health clinic
  • Women healthcare services  
  • Well man clinic
  • Well woman clinic (including cervical smear testing)
  • Blood tests
  • ECG tests
  • Occupational health services
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Sickness reports
  • Off-shore medicals
  • Sports medicals (including medicals for divers)
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Psychological support service
  • Fully stocked pharmacy for all of your prescriptions

A Walk-in GP Clinic and In-house Pharmacy Make Your Life Easier

If you ever need to see a doctor right away, then you can book one of our same-day or immediate consultations or visit our walk-in clinic.

Although the majority of people make best use of Broadgate’s walk in GP London City clinic service, some people still prefer to make an appointment by calling us on 020 7382 0505. Please feel free to take whichever option works best for you.

Any medication your doctor prescribes can be easily picked up at the in-house pharmacy that we have on site before you leave. This saves you the time and trouble of having to visit a separate chemist after your appointment.

To find out more about our GP services in London or book an appointment, call us now on 020 7382 0505.

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