Discussing Cervical Screening

Mental Health Awareness Week

From 8th to 14th May it’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 in association with the Mental Health Foundation. The theme of this year’s event is ‘surviving or thriving’ and aims to provide awareness whilst uncovering why so little people are living with good mental health. Surviving or Thriving Everyone has mental health and good mental...
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Discussing Sexual Health

First Time Intercourse

Intercourse is a part of life, until you’ve experienced it for the first time most people feel like it’s a dark cloud that hangs over their heads. The first time will usually only be quick and you’ll soon forget what all the worry was about. Although the first time might seem like a big deal,...
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Tell Your Partner About STDs

Telling your partner about your STD test in London

Making a decision regarding telling your partner about your STD test in London is always going to be a toughie. You might be asking yourself whether to do it or not. Telling your partner about your STD test in London should be a must From a relationship point of view, there really is only one...
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