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HIV Treatment London

How Has HIV Treatment Changed?

With testing for HIV often seen as embarrassing and sometimes even an awkward treatment, Broadgate General Practice have always aimed avoid this by making it a more comfortable process. The team here at Broadgate General Practice are proud to offer a confidential and discreet service for HIV testing in London. We even have same day...
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Sexual Health

Gonorrhoea: The Facts

With the number of sexual infections continuing to increase across London, along with Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea has been named of one of the top five most common sexually-transmitted diseases, the latest figures also show that one in four STI cases in the UK are in London. Gonorrhoea is caused by bacteria referred to as Neisseria Gonorrhoeae...
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What Your Address Says About You

What Does Your Postcode Say About Your Sex Life?

Postcode Lottery – Your postcode could be saying A LOT about you… Have you ever wondered what your postcode could be saying about you? Well, Broadgate General Practice have entered in the postcode lottery and the votes are in! Any votes after this time will not be counted but may still be charged… Broadgate General...
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Discussing Health Screening With A GP

The increasing issues with accessing sexual health services

Recent research has shown the increasing difficulties in the ability to access sexual health clinics, particularly for those who are in urgent need of treatment. This has shown a significant drop in the recommended standards which state that patients should be offered an appointment within 48 hours of making an enquiry or contacting the service....
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Sexual Health

Chlamydia: The Facts

With a large increase in the numbers of sexual infections across London, the latest figures have shown that one in four STI cases in the UK are in London. Chlamydia has been named as the most common STI in the country and reports have shown a cause for concern due to the rising numbers of...
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Sexual Health for Young Londoners

Sexual Health for Young Londoners

Young People & STIs For some time now, London has been reported to be the region in England to hold the highest number of STIs. It is quite clearly not something to boast about, but addressing this is a must. We have been providing STI tests to London residents since 2009 and know only too...
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Types of Contraception

What Types Of Birth Control Are There?

When it comes to birth control there are a number of different options available. Most people tend to stick to the traditional ones such as the pill or condom. However, there are many birth control and family planning options available, all of which have their pros and cons. Why Should I Change the Contraception I...
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Discussing Sexual Health

First Time Intercourse

Intercourse is a part of life, until you’ve experienced it for the first time most people feel like it’s a dark cloud that hangs over their heads. The first time will usually only be quick and you’ll soon forget what all the worry was about. Although the first time might seem like a big deal,...
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Getting a London Chlamydia test – is it painful?

One question that is often asked is whether or not undergoing a London Chlamydia test is painful. The answer is no; the test is not painful. There may however be some slight discomfort or embarrassment depending on the type of Chlamydia test you are undergoing. London Chlamydia test for women A London Chlamydia test for...
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London Emergency Contraception

London emergency contraception and where to get it

If you’re looking for London emergency contraception, the first thing you want to consider is what type of contraception will suit you best. The two forms of London emergency contraception There are two forms of London emergency contraception. There is the pill form, of which the two brands available are ellaOne and Levonelle. The other...
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STD Testing

Avoid STD waiting lists with London STD testing

If you suspect that you have an STD infection, you will want to take immediate action. The last thing you want to have to do will be to delay. By reading on, you can find out how to avoid STD test waiting lists with London STD testing. Many people wait longer than two weeks for...
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Same Day Testing

Same day STD tests and results in London

Same day STD tests and results Getting same day STD tests and results in London can be a huge benefit. Given how quickly and easily it is to pass on an STD, the sooner you know the better. It means not only can you be treated more quickly, but the chances of you infecting someone...
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