New vaccine to protect against Gonorrhoea

The latest developments in a vaccine which has shown signs to protect against gonorrhoea has been announced by scientists in New Zealand. The World Health Organisation has also commented on how this developing vaccine could stop the global spread of the sexually transmitted infection ‘super-gonorrhoea’. Around 78 million people pick up the sexually transmitted infection...
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Symptoms of Malaria

Doctor Approved Tips to Keep Hay Fever at Bay

Summer is here and hay fever season is in full swing, bringing with it leaky eyes, clogged sinuses and sneezing fits. With recent reports stating that gin was the answer to relieving symptoms, take a look at these doctor approved remedies… Change your clothes as soon as you get home When you’re outside, pollen can...
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Why exercising outdoors in London is OK

Exercising outdoors is a lot more beneficial to our health that hitting up the gym, it burns more calories and helps to release serotonin – which regulates anxiety and influences happiness. With air pollution becoming an increasing concern, especially in London, don’t stick to the gym, here are 5 tips to ensure exercising safely in...
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Depression: What You Should Know

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in Britain and while there are some people who believe depression is nothing more than a trivial concern that you can simply “snap out of,” this is not true. Depression is a legitimate health condition [1]. Depression affects both children and adults. Recent studies indicate...
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Tiredness: How It Can Affect You

Tiredness can result due to many issues, the most common one which is the failure to get enough sleep. Most of us face much tiredness often, as we tend to overweigh the importance of our work to the number of hours we should sleep. You will, therefore, find that most people tend to sleep for...
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Discussing Cervical Screening

Mental Health Awareness Week

From 8th to 14th May it’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 in association with the Mental Health Foundation. The theme of this year’s event is ‘surviving or thriving’ and aims to provide awareness whilst uncovering why so little people are living with good mental health. Surviving or Thriving Everyone has mental health and good mental...
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Private GP Appointments

Millennials Favour Private Appointments With GPs

With up to 75% of private patients being reported to be aged between 20 and 39, it’s no surprise to hear that millennials favour private appointments over the NHS. It has recently been made clear that young people prefer going to a private GP where they will receive a same day service in oppose to...
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Sexual Health

Gonorrhoea: The Facts

With the number of sexual infections continuing to increase across London, along with Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea has been named of one of the top five most common sexually-transmitted diseases, the latest figures also show that one in four STI cases in the UK are in London. Gonorrhoea is caused by bacteria referred to as Neisseria Gonorrhoeae...
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What Your Address Says About You

What Does Your Postcode Say About Your Sex Life?

Postcode Lottery – Your postcode could be saying A LOT about you… Have you ever wondered what your postcode could be saying about you? Well, Broadgate General Practice have entered in the postcode lottery and the votes are in! Any votes after this time will not be counted but may still be charged… Broadgate General...
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Discussing Health Screening With A GP

The increasing issues with accessing sexual health services

Recent research has shown the increasing difficulties in the ability to access sexual health clinics, particularly for those who are in urgent need of treatment. This has shown a significant drop in the recommended standards which state that patients should be offered an appointment within 48 hours of making an enquiry or contacting the service....
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Private Medical Care

Why Choose A Private GP?

Going Private Choosing a private GP allows you to access health treatments for a number of medical conditions, providing you can pay for the service you receive. Private health services cover a number of things such as doctor appointments, physiotherapy and psychological services. Things to Consider Before committing yourself to private healthcare services there are...
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Sexual Health

Chlamydia: The Facts

With a large increase in the numbers of sexual infections across London, the latest figures have shown that one in four STI cases in the UK are in London. Chlamydia has been named as the most common STI in the country and reports have shown a cause for concern due to the rising numbers of...
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