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Diagnosing and treating Gonorrhoea at Broadgate Clinic London Wall

Gonorrhoea is a highly infectious STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) that is caused by the Neisseria Gonorrhoeae or Gonococcus bacteria. It affects both men and women, and can be passed on to newborn babies by their mothers during birth. The sexual health screening services of Broadgate Clinic London Wall afford a fast and convenient way for anyone living and/or working in London to obtain easy, timely access to both screening and treatment facilities.

Gonorrhoea in the UK

Gonorrhoea is one of the most common STI's here in UK. In the year 2012 of over 29,000 people were diagnosed with it. These figures could be just the tip of the iceberg because approximately half of the women infected with Gonorrhoea, and one in every 10 men, display absolutely no symptoms. Gonorrhoea is more prevalent in people aged between 20 and 24. In terms of demographics it is particularly common in men who participate in sex with other men, and anyone who lives in large towns and cities.

The causes of Gonorrhoea

It is often rumoured that gonorrhoea can be caught through certain social acts such as kissing and hugging. This is however not the case as the bacteria cannot survive long outside the human body. The most usual way of contracting Gonorrhoea is through sexual acts, including:

  • Indulging in unprotected acts of either anal, oral, or vaginal sex
  • By using unwashed sex toys (including vibrators) not fitted with condoms, and that have previously been used by other persons infected with gonorrhoea

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What are the most common symptoms of an STI?

No one likes to think that they may have contracted an STI (also known as STD). Getting over this stigma is actually an important part of dealing with the infection. It’s also one of the best things about using the sexual health advice services of a private clinic like Broadgate Clinic London Wall.  Our walk in STD clinic London Wall facility is staffed by professional, understanding and discrete clinicians who can help you to be tested, diagnosed, and if necessary treated, without any fuss.

Making a self diagnosis

If you know the symptoms to watch out for should you have been unfortunate enough to contract an STI, you can alert yourself to the likelihood that you’ve been infected if you know what symptoms to look out for. Naturally the symptoms do vary slightly depending on the type of STD you may have caught. So let’s first take a look at the common symptoms that many STIs share, and then we’ll highlight any individual symptoms as a separate exercise.  

The common symptoms most STIs share

Don’t forget that symptoms have a tendency to vary from person to person, and that you may experience one or more. Common symptoms include:

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What is HIV testing? - Sexual health advice from Broadgate Clinic London Wall

HIV testing is the name given for tests associated with either HIV or AIDS. People often confuse the two terms. For the sake of clarity, HIV, (an abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus), is the name of the infection itself, whereas as AIDS, (the abbreviation for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), is the ultimate development of an HIV infection, if it is allowed to progress untreated.

You can rely on the sexual health screening services of Broadgate Clinic London Wall

The HIV test is a simple one. It can be carried out at any GUM or sexual health clinic, although it is likely that you will have to make an appointment. However, if you work in London and live in the suburbs or further afield, this may involve having to take time off work. For some people this can present a major difficulty. You can however use the sexual health screening services of Broadgate Clinic London Wall, one of the few walk-in STI clinics London has to offer. No appointment is necessary.

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