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Broadgate GP London
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What is male and female Sterilisation?

Male and female sterilisation explained

Male and female sterilisation is considered by the National Health Service to be a permanent method of contraception. It may be possible to have a reversal based on individual circumstances, but this would normally have to be carried out at a private clinic like Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

Before deciding on whether or not to have a male or female sterilisation performed it is important to be certain that you do not want to have any (more) children. While it is possible for both operations to be reversed but there are no guarantees that a reversal will be successful.

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Myths of Birth Control Pills

Top Birth Control Pill Myths

Many myths abound around birth control pills; so many that it makes it hard to distinguish between what might be fact and what might be fiction; so let’s try and redress the balance a little by setting the record straight about some of the more popular myths.

Fact or fiction – the pill makes you put on weight?

The fact is that whether or not you might put on weight could depend on your prescription. Some combined contraception pills that contain oestrogen could result in increased water retention. If this does happen, it should be only a temporary phenomenon until your body adjusts. If it doesn’t, change your prescription or try the Progestogen only pill.

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Does the Pill Make You Fat?

Women who are concerned about their weight often ask the question, “Does the pill make you fat?” There is a popular belief that it does, and this belief (which is actually misguided) probably owes its origins to the early version of the contraceptive pill.

The fact of the matter is that oestrogen in high doses can cause weight gain in some women due to the fact that it can increase your appetite and can also increase fluid retention. While the pills that were manufactured some 50 years contained relatively high levels of some hormones, the pills manufactured today have much lower amounts in them, making the weight gain concern something of an old myth.

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